I work with other humans to bring your tech to your life.  To enhance you, to make you faster, smarter, to make you stronger. 

You’ve already chosen to enhance yourself with a digital interface.  Now, master it. Work on it.  A digital interface is that powerful in our lives. 

 It is a mess right now.  How do you manage your phone? Your smartwatch?

This starts with an assessment of what is important to you.  Using a questionnaire, you write out your priorities/issues.  Whether productivity, time management, physical health,

I will then help you set up your personal devices, your digital interface, for your life.  

 Consulting Topics

  • Apps for productivity, physical health, mental health
  • Information overload: set notifications properly, decide which apps are important to you
  • App layout on phone, other devices
  • Digital storage needs
  • Connection among other devices in your life
  • Digital security
To start, simply send me an email at [email protected]